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Would you tell an architect to run a building site without a plan or an orchestra to play without a music sheet? Then, why do you sell without a sales cycle? Sales, Science & Art.

Some companies improvise when it comes to selling, but that is not a good idea if you want to survive today’s fierce competition. You really want your sales to result from an efficient and methodical process to assist and increase your business. And you want it to be predictable, repeatable and measurable.

My mission is to unleash your sales potential, helping you on the way you work and communicate with your customers to establish relationships based on trust, durability, cost effectiveness and less exposure to the vagaries of the market.

Problems finding new customers?

Does it take too long for the customer to trust you?

When you manage to talk with a prospect you don’t generate curiosity?

Tired of cold calling?

Are your investments in sales and marketing B2B not profitable enough?

Missing sales targets?

The relationship with the client

The art of sales is not to learn a set of techniques to manipulate the customer into buying from you. But to establish relationships based on trust and customer needs

Better results in all areas

Each company has its own personality, mission and values. Why not its own sales cycle custom tailored to your needs and means? You’ll get better results, more motivated workers and your company will be a success

Every gesture couts

Sales are like running the 100 metres sprint. Only one can win, but it will be by a few thousandths of a second, only by very fine margins. Every detail counts, no matter how small it looks, and it will take you closer or further from your goal. There is no action without a reaction

 "Magic tricks don’t exist and precooked techniques don’t work."

Miguel Berrio, sales performance accelerator and marketing B2B

The path to success

Create a value proposition that inspires trust and, is understandable to your customer

Knowing your ideal customer. Where to find it, discover what he needs and how to contact him

Making a difference toward your competition

Establish a sales cycle with clear, simple and direct actions

Improve your sales cycle to optimize resources and increase sales performance

Going from a product focus sale to a value solution sale

 "You need to make a difference through specialization and knowledge in order to help your customer and I can show you how to do it."

It’s becoming more difficult to sell and get new customers. The internet revolution has changed the world. Not only the way we communicate, also the way we learn and look for information.

With millions of devices allowing direct and instant access to tons of brand new information & never before so easily accessible, the buying process and the sales cycle have changed forever

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What do the people that know me say?

During our 5 years collaboration Miguel was always fully involved in his tasks, whether it was from a sales, strategic or communication point of view. He always showed a great initiative providing ideas and solutions to meet the objectives of the company in a quantitative and qualitative way.
Julien Grandon – B2B Sales Manager Expansys
Miguel is wonderful to work with, and has unique expertise in the sales domain. He brings intelligence, creativity and leadership to any project he is involved in. Miguel possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense, which help us a lot while collaborating together. I enjoyed working with him on the various projects we took on.
José María Gómez Abella – Improving Global Solutions Director
Miguel helped us to reach new markets and new customers in France. After his consultancy, we increased our sales more than a 200% in that country. He is an involved, efficient and polite person. I strongly recommend his services to any company that wants to establish or expand its business in France
Guillermo Peris Peris – Tienda Siglo XXI Director


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Miguel Ángel Berrio Rodríguez

286 Av de Lunel 34400
Saint Just, France

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