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I don’t believe in magic or precooked recipes that are the same for everybody, I believe in knowledge and hard work. Depending on your resources, products & customers, I will help you find the best path to a lasting and stable sales plan.

That's why I do not have bulk rates. My proposal is personalized and takes place after an audit to confirm that I can actually provide you with a value solution.

The goal is not to sell at any price but to sell better. The customer and his needs are put ahead to get relationships that benefit both parties. More than a buyer-seller relationship, think in a relationship of equals.


The numbers of factors that can affect the sales performance are endless. We’ll assess your organization and find the best way to improve your sales results


If you don’t know how to sell yourself or your company people will not consider you as an option. Coaching will help you add a sales view to the way you work


Sales training are an on going process that will allow your team to improve the skills to achieve better results and knowledge.

Improve customer satisfaction

New customer acquisition

Improve sales performance

Finding qualified leads

International development

Sales strategies and tactics

How can I help you?


Assessing your business to develop better strategies and identify improvement points.

Needs and resources 

What does the company need to improve sales and which resources are available to start today


A clear objective is a key factor to success. A challenging objective but achievable


If you wish I can help you putting in place the right strategy


With daily, weekly and monthly goals we stablish clear actions to take. Each and every action will be monitored to measure the progression and, if necessary, adjust the direction 

Pay off 

Every detail count. There is no action without a reaction. Soon the improvements will be visible

"Everybody knows what to do to sell more, how to do it is not that easy"

For whom?

I like to work with people who wants to provide a value to society.

While you can always ask us if we can do something for you, we usually focus on:

Start Ups (Early, growth and expansion stages)

Nowadays Start Ups are the engine of innovation and one of the pillars of the digital revolution. I help you put in the hands of your professional customers that product or service that will change everything

Companies in the social economy and solidarity

More and more people ask for companies that have strong values and provide a social service beyond their economic results. But it is not easy for these companies to face competition. I can help you

Software developers

We are surrounded by software. Software is everywhere like in the Matrix movie and you can feel like it’s changing the world. I guide so your B2B customers can discover how your software can make life easier for businesses


Everything happens online. The distribution giants see how customers make more and more purchases over the Internet. And it just getting started. I join you in your B2B sales strategy. Either to improve or to launch one from scratch

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